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  • How do I get started with ToMate?
    ToMate is easy to get started with. Simply sign up for a free account and upload your documents. ToMate will then start generating responses to your emails.
  • What are the benefits of using ToMate?
    ToMate can help you save time, improve your customer satisfaction, and increase your response rates. ToMate can also help you ensure that your responses are consistent and accurate.
  • How does ToMate work?
    ToMate is an AI-powered tool that helps you automate your responses to emails and Whatsapp. You can upload your FAQ documents, information about your services, and other relevant content to ToMate's platform. ToMate will then use this information to generate responses to your emails.
  • What is the privacy policy for ToMate?
    ToMate takes privacy seriously. The platform is GDPR compliant and all personal data is automatically erased from emails.
  • Which platforms can ToMate be integrated with?
    ToMate can be integrated with Gmail, Outlook and What'sApp Web.
  • What are the pricing plans for ToMate?
    ToMate offers three pricing plans: Free, Starter, and Advanced. The Free plan is limited to 100 responses per month. The Starter plan is $25/month and allows for up to 700 responses per month. The Advanced plan is $90/month and allows for up to 3500 responses per month.
  • What are the system requirements for ToMate?
    ToMate can be used on any computer with a modern web browser. The platform also requires a Gmail or Outlook account.
  • How do I contact ToMate customer support?
    ToMate offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact customer support by email (
  • What are the limitations of ToMate?
    ToMate is not a perfect tool. It can sometimes generate inaccurate or inappropriate responses. It is important to review all of ToMate's responses before sending them.
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