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Pioneering ethical AI solutions from Spain

Our Team

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Human Trends – Pioneering Ethical AI Solutions from Spain.
At the core of every task, we strive for:

  • Ethical Excellence

  • Unbiased Insights (non-discrimination)

  • Transparent Practices

  • Utmost Privacy and Trust

Our Mission

Guided by the vision of ethical AI, we aim ‘to democratize access to AI while crafting intelligent models that embody transparency, fairness, and inclusivity.

We see artificial intelligence as a force for good that can uplift humanity and revolutionize how we navigate the world. Our dedication resonates in creating solutions that empower individuals to be better both personally and professionally.

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Our story

Human Trends was born during the pandemic out of the need to be able to carry out data analysis and artificial intelligence tasks but following an ethical code of conduct.

Today we are present in 2 continents with clients in more than 10 countries, from different sectors and industries for whom we guarantee the delivery of first class work.

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