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AI automation for peak performers

Revolutionize your communications across all channels with your personal AI assistant

Effortless Training: Use existing documents, emails and webpages to train your AI response system

How it works

Transform your communication with ease and let the magic of response generation begin


Upload your documents

You can upload your FAQs documents, information about your services in PDF, etc. 


Download the extension

Download our Chrome extension to interact with Gmail, Outlook and WhatsApp.

Generate new responses

Start generating responses based on uploaded information with a single click.


Why ToMate

Why ToMate

Gain an extra hour per day of productivity and improve quality of responses

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Your personal AI. Trained on PDFs, words, excels, webs and historical emails

Based on previous emails and your team's documents, train your own AI model to generate continuously improving responses.

Privacy First: GDPR Compliant

Your peace of mind matters: Our PrivacyPurge IQ takes proactive steps to automatically erase any personal data in
emails, reinforcing trust and security.

Example of how privacy data are deleted by ToMates AI
Example of how ToMate's AI adapts the response to every topic

response generation

Harness the power of AI-driven context detection and response building to save time and ensure each email you send is contextually relevant and engaging.

How it works

Getting started

Simple & Intuitive

Connect your documents, emails and webs to our platform seamlessly by following our user-friendly drag-and-
drop process.

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Database section of ToMate's platform
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Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Save endless hours of responses thanks to AI

Pie chart with a cursor

Maximize response rates

Once a new message is received, the system searches for similar mesagges registered in the database and generates a new response adapted to the current case. If there is not a similar message, it will notify the user and generate a new possible response.

No need to leave your workspace

Generate high quality responses

on any platform

The system can be used as an app-in for Gmail, Outlook and What'sApp, facilitating the use of the software on your daily basis. 

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Connections' section of ToMate's platform

Manage your team from one place

Unlock insights to enhance performance. Explore the manager's admin space

Stay informed: monitor platform usage, create teams, and assign roles


Try ToMate for Free with up to 100 responses per month

Affordable pricing aligned with your communications needs. Optimal ROI

Customized plans available based on 3-month minimum historical usage.



Up to 100 responses per month.

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Up to 100 responses per month

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Up to 2 users

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1000 mails' storage 

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1 document




Up to 700 responses per month. 0.0285 USD per responses.

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Up to 700 responses per month

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Up to 5 users

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10000 mails' storage 

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5 documents




Up to 3500 responses per month. 0.0257 USD per responses.

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Up to 3500 responses per month

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Up to 10 users

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50000 mails' storage 

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20 documents

Need more emails per month? Don't worry, contact us for a custom quotation based on your requirements.

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